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fda compliant cloud based pacs solution
fda compliant cloud based pacs solution
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sarcmediq is preffered philips vendor for cloud based pacs
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DoiT provides technology and cloud expertise to sarcmediq
sarcmediq is proud to be partner of accelerator program at amazon
SARC MedIQ Joins Forces with Google for Startups Cloud Program
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Company Snapshot

500 +
Physicians Using Our Software
0.5 +
Deployments in Healthcare Facilities
1 M+
Patient Data Points Analyzed by our AI

Product Benefits


Increase in reimbursement rates from 60% to 90%.


Reduction in diagnostic reporting time from 25 mins to <2 mins


Reduction in staffing & software costs, saving >$30K+ on average


Increase in revenue using our workflow optimization and recommendations

cloud pacs that offers accurate and fast patient diagnosis

Diagnosis Assistant

Harnesses Al to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of patient diagnosis, significantly reducing time spent on analyzing medical images and increasing diagnostic precision.

cloud pacs that offers integrations with existing healthcare systems

Workflow Enhancement

Streamlines the entire imaging workflow process, from data capture to report generation, to image sharing, ensuring seamless operations within healthcare facilities.

cloud pacs solution that enhances imaging workflow

Smart Data Mapping & Integration

Offers advanced data mapping and integration capabilities, allowing for effective communication between various healthcare systems and ensuring coherent data flow and access.





SARC MedIQ's Path to Seamless Imaging Integration


Imaging Workflow Solution

Discover the power of SARC MedIQ, the ultimate imaging solution! Revolutionizing healthcare with seamless integration, customizable features, and an intuitive interface. Accessible from any device, this global cloud-based system, backed by Amazon AWS, streamlines your workflow from machine to cloud archive and EMR integration . Join us to unlock advanced and affordable healthcare solutions worldwide!


Study Ingestion

Protect data:
Send images & notes safely to MedIQ cloud!


Data Parsing

Effortless Accuracy:
Auto-fill findings with annotated data.


Findings & Annotations

Empower techs:
Detailed observations for efficient doctor analysis.


Automated Alerting

Swift alerts:
Ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment readiness.


Doctor's Notation and Signing

Anywhere, Anytime:
Review, report, and sign studies with ease.


Share Review and Reporting

Securely Share:
Collaborate and communicate on MedIQ's trusted portal.


SARC MedIQ is proud to serve an expanding number of Clinics and Hospitals of Every size. Let’s hear from our customers:


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