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SARC MEDIQ CEO Insights on Healthcare’s Future: AI, Telehealth, and Patient-Centric Care

sarcmedi ceo insights on future of healthcare

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CEO SARC MEDIQ Asaad Hakeem highlighted the transformative role of AI and Telehealth. Emphasizing the growing importance of streamlined patient care, AI technology promises to revolutionise healthcare delivery by optimising processes and enhancing diagnostic accuracy. Additionally, the resurgence of Telehealth signifies a shift towards patient-centric care, where individuals receive personalised attention and treatment from the comfort of their homes.These innovations aim to increase efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs, marking a significant shift towards more patient-centered care in the future. And SARC MedIQ is at the forefront of technological enhancements in healthcare.

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SARC MEDIQ CEO Insights on Future of Healthcare

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