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20 Tips For Starting A Business Podcast The Right Way

SARC MedIQ CEO Asaad Hakeem in his contribution to the Forbes Business Council, Emphasizes the crucial aspect of delivering value when launching a business podcast. His advice revolves around focusing on niche audiences, understanding their needs, and consistently providing engaging content. He advocates for promoting the podcast across diverse channels to enhance visibility and stimulate […]

Affordable & Reliable Healthcare, AI Solutions, and more with Asaad Hakeem, Founder SARC MedIQ

In this episode of The SaaS Operator Podcast, we dive deep with Dr. Asaad Hakeem, CEO of SARC MedIQ, an AI-based healthcare platform assisting medical providers in patient diagnosis and treatment planning. He covers the challenges of implementing new technology in the regulated healthcare industry and the importance of building relationships and educating stakeholders. EarlyNode

SARC MEDIQ CEO Insights on Healthcare’s Future: AI, Telehealth, and Patient-Centric Care

sarcmedi ceo insights on future of healthcare

CEO SARC MEDIQ Asaad Hakeem highlighted the transformative role of AI and Telehealth. Emphasizing the growing importance of streamlined patient care, AI technology promises to revolutionise healthcare delivery by optimising processes and enhancing diagnostic accuracy. Additionally, the resurgence of Telehealth signifies a shift towards patient-centric care, where individuals receive personalised attention and treatment from the […]

19 Ways To Identify Influencers For Maximum Marketing Impact

asaad hakeem ceo sarcmediq shares his insights on maximising influencer marketing impact

19 Forbes Business Council  members including Asaad Hakeem CEO SARC MEDIQ discuss some effective tips businesses can leverage to identify influencers who can provide an authentic boost to their marketing and audience reach. Asaad emphasizes the importance of defining your target audience and campaign goals to effectively engage with potential influencers. Aligning content with brand values […]

SARC MedIQ Joins Forces with Google for Startups Cloud Program


In a significant milestone, we’re delighted to share that SARCMEDIQ is a part of Google for Startups Cloud Program. This recognition underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare technology. As a distinguished participant in both the Google and Amazon Accelerator Programs, SARC MedIQ proudly stands among a select group of innovators, a testament […]

SARC MedIQ Partners with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute For AI Based Cardiology Imaging

sarcmediq collaborate with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as technical partner

Embarking on a groundbreaking collaboration, SARC MedIQ and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute join forces to spearhead the evolution of AI in cardiology medical imaging. SARC MedIQ, renowned for its expertise in Cloud Based Enterprise PACS & Patient Data Solution. Meanwhile, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a trailblazer in technological research and innovation, adds its academic prowess to the […]

SARC MedIQ and E-Request-LLC Unveil Image on Demand Service for Clinics and Hospitals

sarcmediq partners with e-request llc to launch Image on demand service for clinics and hospitals

Imaging On Demand (IMOD)TM is an innovative healthcare solution that allows for the rapid and secure sharing of medical imaging data, such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, among healthcare professionals. Developed by SARC MedIQ in partnership with eRequestLLC, IMOD facilitates quick and seamless collaboration between patients, clinics, and healthcare providers, regardless of geographical distances. […]

Exploring Digital Health: Innovations in Healthcare Technology

Asaad Hakeem shared his insights at eutech webinar Exploring Digital Health: Innovations in Healthcare Technology

Featuring insights from a webinar presented by the CEO of SARCMEDIQ. The webinar delved into the core problems SARCMEDIQ aims to solve within the healthcare landscape. Asaad Hakeem, the CEO, articulated the company’s ambitious vision of becoming the ‘Uber of healthcare,’ revolutionizing the industry with seamless accessibility and efficiency. Emphasizing the importance of an agile […]

20 Essential Steps For A Seamless Business Digital Transformation


Discover the essential steps for a seamless business digital transformation in our latest blog post, featuring insights from 20 Forbes Business Council Members, including Asaad Hakeem, CEO of SARC MedIQ. Asaad emphasizes the importance of staying agile and flexible in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. Embracing an agile mindset allows organisations to respond swiftly to both […]

Featured In Top 50 Startups by Pakistani Founders

inclusion of sarcmediq into top 50 startups by pakistani founders

We’re thrilled to announce our inclusion among the top 50 startups by Pakistani founders. Our achievement was celebrated at an exclusive networking conference, where visionary investors and fellow startup leaders connected. This recognition underscores our commitment to innovation and growth, fueling our drive to make a meaningful impact in the industry. We extend our gratitude […]