Security & Account Management

1. Seamless Access Control & Support
2. Empowering Users: Management & Alerts
3. Tailored Experience: Customization & Preferences

Patient Data Management

1. Holistic Patient Insights: Overview & Search
2. Collaborative Care: Sharing & Annotations
3. Streamlined Integration: EMR Export

Automated Image Ingestion

1. Versatile Imaging Compatibility: Cardio, Angio, Echo, MRI, Ultrasound, and more
2. Effortless Cloud Backup: Automated and
3. Seamless Integration: PACS Formats and Push

Findings and Annotations

1. Comprehensive PACS Display: Quad View with Findings
2. Intelligent Insights: AI Annotations and Analysis
3. Effortless Dictation: Voice Recognition Integration

Templated Reporting

1. Streamlined Data Automation: Backend and AI Integration
2. Personalized Templates: Customization Made Easy
3. Seamless Data Transfer: Import/Export Flexibility

EMR Integration

1. Secure Data Retrieval: Encrypted End-point Access
2. Robust Tracking: Audit Trail and Backup
3. Regulatory Compliance: FDA Compliant, HL7, HIPAA.